Wednesday, December 22, 2010

if i were ~ -.-

i were hoping dat i can be a NORMAL person but i can't ..
i were waiting when could i CRY but it useless ..
i were wondering when could i be de GREAT person but it meaningless ..
i were ektuly wanted all de besh memories will stick in my mind coz it's priceless .. 
i were imagine dat u were here beside me but it was untrue . dat was only my imagine .
i were juz wanted sumbdy to accompany me
lend me his/her shoulder to cry for
borrowed me his/her ears to listen my probs ~ 
always by my side whenever i need him/her ..
all de way long .  

ohh , if i could juz be a PERFECT person , 
there's nothin' to be worried about .
people respect me .
but there were HOPELESS
none would be a perfect person ! 
nobody's perfect , dat's de fact dat we all same . (:   

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