Sunday, February 6, 2011

stay hold my hand as i need you more . :)

i'm a little bit clumsy today. really, today will be a hectic day i ever had. gorgeous , i'll buy my stuffs then . aha , fascinating. shoes , biscuits , 100 plus isotonic , liquid paper (now that i realize i ned it more) , pen (absolutely!).. aduhh , i had so many things to buy maa . it's oke , i'll try to reduce it later. :)

argh , u are so snobbish ! no , i am wrong . i am the one whom are snobbish . ishh , what type of person am i. aha , sory dear , bcoz of me u got blame of . the libel spreads breezely and we must together stop it . arghh , dear friends , plez dun spreads a false statements . it is a sin (as what i know) . sory dear , dun touching here . i can't really persuade u . aiyoo amma . i had a broken english, again ! =.='

as de glory begin , i juz wanna say , plez stay hold my hand as i need you more . guide me to His lane as i really need it . frankly speaking , you are the besh meyh . lucky of me cause Allah gave me a chance to know u all . you are really benevolent as i though that it is too good for you to my friends . yup , i am such a sinful person . so , accept me as who i am as i will comfortable with it . thnx a lot buddy . F.R.A.N.C.E. !!

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