Saturday, June 25, 2011

A's .

'only bcoz of A's, it effects a lot . i almost burst into tears when knowing i got the 2nd last in my class . very atrocious . Luckily Pn Zarina Taha gave me some advices & she said ,"kalau nak diikutkan mrkh dia ni tak jauh beza ngn bdq no. 1 ny tp yelah gia cuma tade a kan" . yes , i got no A's in my exam . shocked huh ? believe it cause u cannot predict it ^^' .

                                                                 i regretted for what i had done ;
                                                                afifah hanani,
                                                                 loves with melody . '

dat's what i wrote in my dairy . the shortest one that i had wrote . yup , i'm in depress right now . really really on depress . and bebanan uh increases when you proud of your result . I HATE IT ! kau mcm memperlekehkan aku . tau a kau pndy kan .. tau tak aku sakit aty ble bce + dga ape yg kau ckp + tulis tp aku buat dunno jeh sbb na jge aty kau tp kau ! kau tak appreciated it . HANYA gara-gara aku tade A , aku jatuh merudum . i know u're great enough , tp janganlah buad cm kitorg yg kt bwh kau ny tak berguna langsung . terase tau tak ! ayat kau even tak mencarut tp laser sgt-sgt . laser dalam halus ,, maaf , aku sgt open kali nh . 

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