Sunday, June 5, 2011

mum's reunion !

Matahari masih lagi memancarkan sinarnya , bulan masih lagi pada kedudukan yang tersendiri . aku menengadah ke langit , kaki kutujahkan ke bumi . The future is calling for me .. aku toleh ke belakang bukan untuk berpatah balik tetapi untuk melihat apakah kenangan silam menantiku  ? Atau ia menunggu agar 1 hari nanti kukutip ia kembali dan berkata ,'I miss this moment' ? Kaki terus diatur , langkah terus tersusun . 

Haih , hidup ni tak semudah mana . ke kiri ke kanan , ke atas ke bawah ,, mana-mana kita pusing pun takkan dapat nak ubah ape-ape . aku ? hm , haru-biru hidup ny beb .. heh , what type of person am i right ? sorry , i'm still learning n searching for my own self . by the way , correct me when i'm doing wrong . i always 'terlepas pandang' about my own act . only you can change me hence , give me some advice ! . i don't care who-are-you that advises me as long as i can accept that , it's more than enough . 

*i'm not perfect . where ever i go , where ever i lead , there's no more things that will be perfect even the stars sometime can't shine brightly . There's no one that Allah creates perfectly , except the Prophet Muhammad, he is the perfect one . In simple word , nobody's perfect . 

The way i talk , the way I walk , there's no need to complaint about (heyy , mo tegur depan-depan lah . =.=') . People always said , 'Pipo , u're the best lah', 'Kau bawak handset ? tak cayalah . (saje je testing)' , 'Alaa , kau kan budak baik ....' , and so on . haish , it makes me dizzy . haiya , i'm not that kind of person ! (tadi baru jeh kena tegur --> suka hati lah nak percaya atau tak . Life is a journey to find ourselves ... where we will stand after we live . sometimes we try to be like others but we becomes somebody else that isn't us ...) . Sorry sorry , my confidence is still under level . =.='  . I didn't meant to not to believe in myself but the truth fact is ,, i still cannot accept mine ! haiya ~ 

okay , masuk topic baru :
yesterday ( semalam kan ? ), i attended my mom's reunion , her first reunion at Putrajaya (whoa , jalan-jalan jeh semalam.) . Just imagine it , they were all 50's (only my mum were 51 together with her twin) ! whoa ! Everyone were still energetic like they were still young (i forgot for a while that they were 50's . first i thought they were about 40 something.) .. HAHA ! believe me , they got their karaoke set too . whoosh . Everybody lets sing a song ! ^^ .

For a while , I kept imagine what about our 20 years next ? Did we will be like this too (ukhuwah rapat mek. .) or there were still a gap between us ? Did we will look older or we can still keep your younger face even after 20 years ? Or in a matter of fact , did us will still alive ? Did Allah still giving us the opportunity to live in this never-long-lasting world and having kids , grandchild and even others ? Furthermore , did we STILL have the chance of seeking forgiveness from Allah ? come on my dear friends . Remembering each other is compulsory in Islam , no matter if they were only 'Islam on the name' .. *Sorry , i'm out of topic . =.='

okay, back to the story . In this lovely event , i were only EAT, EAT, and EAT ! that's all . HUH, BORING !! oh yeah , I forgot , this is not my event . =.=' . when will this over ? okay , my stomach were full enough . i'm texting somebody :D ( to deter my boredness . ) . 'Nah , take this . for you . :)' , whoa , i got it too --> gift from this reunion . haha , happy sungguh [Alhamdulillah.] so , at the end of the event , my mum asked about my opinion, 'which one is better , mine or yours?' . oh no mum . u asked me the wrong question . -.-' okaylah okay , got to go . n,n .

regards : imny.hanani .       

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