Saturday, June 25, 2011


buad fame qinn'a yg sgt FAMOUS . ily + + .

i opened yr blog yesterday but i can't manage to reply it on the dot . sorry for the consequences (ape mksd ea? *men hentam jehh .) . okay , as for that , let's continue our conversation . my dearest qiena , i understand yr feeling .. he made us hurts so he serves for that <-- the one dat u said u didn't wanna go to the reunion . but we are tooooo kind because we forgive him . did he appreciate it ? only Allah knows .

my lovely qiena , it was not almost a year he left us but it almost two years . two years ! same as b4 when he left us when we were in form 2 . he created the same scenario , but this one were totally unforgivable . HAHA , what a childish i was . don't blame him too much dear , he doesn't fault enough . we did heard that he said he enrolled to this school without his mom's permission (his mother doesn't know about this) right ? i looked at his face and he felt guilty . guilty because he cannot be with us for a long period . i bet he still loves us :D . 


yeah,  me three ! i also had a story to told u but really , the time given were not that much . u see , i was happy to met you all and i missed all the moment we together .i missed the moment when the world were our own . i'll cherish the memoirs ,  and always will :) . ahha , u're forgiven darling . u didn't even know about this before rite <-- about i replying yr letter in this blog . so, cheers :D

regards : imNY . 

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