Sunday, August 7, 2011

mukaBUKU . :D

i created the history , so the history begun .

mkcik , den dah deactivekan dah fb den . tk cye cbe mkcik tgk . betul den tak tipu ,.. dh lamo sena ea nak deactivekan tp slalu t'lupa so dats y lah i always on9 when i back home .  haiya , susa la kan kalau mo selalu on9 . tkpe tkpe ,, tggl bpe bulan jehh lg . pipah , kau BOLEH ! 

oh my dear fb , tata yeah . i'll try not to encounter u until i finished my exams . den nak sukses mek .. nak sgt ! we pray together okay , so we'll success altogether :D . sobsob , haish ,, takkan sedih kot bila tak dpt bukak fb nh . saba pipah saba .. fb uh kan melalaikan (hah tau pun !) so biakan dlu . nty afte spm na on9 lme pun dibnrkan (eyh , solat jgn lupa!) . baiklah makcik , i'll try to .

Coretan seorang Mahasiswi (bakal,,) .

it's unexpected right , only in a blink of eyes, we're actually had came across to the end . i still feel like it was just yesterday we registered to Form 1 . with the immature attitude , we stepped to a new school with a new determination . our foot is still make it's step facing all the obstacle that coming through & our hands is still trying to reach for a lesson . the phase keeps repeating . One more step , then we'll leave our youth time . everyone is still focusing , still confusing . there's nothing that can be represent in words .

try to flashback ~  when we were in primary school everyone didn't felt the sensation of separation . we still could smile even that maybe our last day encountered . no transparent pearl at precipice of eye. there's no words as the sincere words . everyone forgot when will we met again . time keeps running .. HAHA ! unexpected, from a smudgy person we turn into a charming gorgeous person . from a fusty person we turn into a tidy happy person . Abundance of memoirs that we create together , a lot of reminiscence that we cracked allover . i stunned .

*kt ats uh sje je speaking . pdhl lam buku ny juz tulis bm jehh ( de a rojak ea byk~ ) .

weh bdq,
mseh au for lending me yr ears to listen to my prob ,lending yr eyes to aware my action, lending yr heart in giving me some advices that comes truly from the bottom of yr heart , lending yr hands in grasping and helping me for everything , lending yr foots on helping me in emergency and lending plus everything on you to me , muchas gracias !

sweat-pie ,
dehearty_roses ~ :)

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