Thursday, November 15, 2012

kenangan uh mengetuk memori . duhh ~.~

buah karamel buah halkum,
Assalamu'alaikum ! ^^

it's Thursday now . 5 days i am having my holidays and with this 5 days i try to fulfill it with something benefits but the spirit blew away a bit day by day . I'm tortured by my own past . it keeps haunting me day and night . yes , i miss that moments so much as if I could, I want everything being as usual as it can be. 

* Life was never bored . Even we are alone, He is always here by our side . keep smiling . Life isn't that tough^^ *

I'm used to them . their laughter , their smiles , their jokes . that's what makes my day shining . but then, Allah took one of them from me . not permanently , but temporary . Ahha, no worries pal^^ . I am always switching my mind into the positive corner . I understand what you are trying to do , I understand what He is trying to tell me although it is difficult for me to make used of it earlier .

I can't crying. NO ! if I do, it only shows my weakness and my disability of being comfortable with the new atmosphere. I must be strong where ever I go , I have to .

Dear pals ,
I love you less a bit then my love towards my family, but i am still concern of whatever you do, or whatever you might do . Jiwa seorang ibu lah katakan ~ haha . I am hoping that you would be a person , as for myself too . AND , although you are a doctor, an engineer, an architect, a journalist , or even a teacher, don't break our bond . keep connected okay ! and ,, stay still with Allah . take a good care of your solah , yr imaan ,, because without Him, we are nothing .

p/s : burning the midnight oil :)

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