Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bebaskanlah Dirinya Dariku

Assalamualaikum and ohaiyo gozaimasu :)

days ago i had my chit-chat with a friend of mine, Nik . i told her a story of a friend that i thought of him as my best friend. yeah him .
it happened years ago, when i was in high school. getting to know him was a gift, yeah i bet you admitted it :3 .

he wasn't that good looking, but instead someone that i was comfortable with.
he was someone that always be my hanger, and always support me when i was down, and gave advices to something bad that i done.
he wasn't that bad thou he looked like a naughty person , looked like a criminal (well for some people, yeah) .

for two years we had been spending time together, but everything changed when school ends. slowly, he gave me hints of him going astray.

"kau janganlaa macam ni. kau kena teruskan hidup, tanpa aku. kau ade ramai kawan baru. aku nih kira kawan lama dah. find someone that you are comfortable to share things with, someone yang sama gender."

i tried, but failed :( .

it had been almost 2 years after everything changed.
sape yang takrindu pada mereka yang meninggalkan tapak kaki yang banyak?
aku mengaku aku rindu dia, serius.
but i just can't meeting him, can't contact him ...
dia selalu act dingin if i ever tried to have a chat with him (di alam maya yg aku maksudkan. in reality, dah lama kami taksembang T.T).
maka apeje langkah terbaik yang aku boleh lakukan?
ignore him, and live my life.

dia pernah tweet,
"you look happy without me. and i am happy to see that :)"
kah. taktau ke dia aku ni kuat pendam perasaan? *nangis laju-laju*

but sure, i know He is always there with me, will gives me strength whenever i need it .
thank you Allah for everything :')
and thank you for had been borrowing him to me, even for a while.
tapi kedatangan dia sangatlah bermakna.
sesungguhnya rasa rindu itu semakin utuh.
mohon dilupakan dia T.T

si pipo

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