Sunday, July 16, 2017

Let me find my freedom

"i'm tired of this. Doing household chores, shopping for groceries, go everywhere together. Like seriously, everything we have to do together? I don't have any life, I don't have my freedom. I'm sorry for telling you this."

The wife looked at her husband with a deep look. She's named Aina. It was her dream to do everything together with her husband, well every wife would dream the same thing, and she had asked about this to him before they married but now, Nick, the nickname, seems tired of this. Tired of everything. 

"I''m sorry. It's my fault," while she's looking down.

"Maybe we have to separate first. Let's go on our own way, you may go where ever and whenever you want, and I shall go mine. Maybe that's where we can find our true freedom," he smiled, but with no love.

Silence. And both of them proceed with their way.

"Since being with me leads you to no freedom, thus I think I'm going to search mine too. For the time being, do not search for me. Live you own life. Have fun. Search for the freedom that you have been talking about for weeks. Walks your life with smile. Don't fight with people. And don't misses me.

I'm going, and if I think that you have found your freedom, then I'm leaving. I will be no use anymore, and I won't be the same I were so be happy. Goodbye," Nick read the letter emotionless. 

"Just go, and don't come back!" wow, bongkaknya.

3 years later

Aina had been divorced since 2 weeks ago. It took her long enough to take this action because she was trying to move on after finding out her so-called husband going out with other woman not long after she was leaving. She also hired a woman  and made the woman copied her signature to deceive the husband during the divorce. 

She was missing for so long to give herself time to be ready with everything. She was cutting off all connections, shutting down her social networks, changing her phone number and live somewhere silently without letting her family knows her well-being.

"Hi Nick, how have you been? How is your life with the new marriage? I saw you so happy, differently when you were with me. Is that the power of love, or the power of freedom?

Thank you for finally letting me go. I still remember your promises on making me the happier woman on Earth, but I guess I have to have somebody else to fulfill it for me. Well, this is a small reminder for you. Just in case you feel the way you felt back then and asks 'freedom' from her, make it temporary. Do not let her feel the way I felt. Avoid her live the way I am living. Stay with her in every circumstances, and discuss everything even if it is a small thing. Let's not repeat the same mistake, shall we?

p/s: Congratulations for the marriage."

Even with no signature, Nick knows who the sender was, and he is crying. He is feeling guilty for putting a lot of burden on her shoulder, let her live alone and being selfish. Yes, he was selfish when he asked freedom from Aina. He thought he has the right to ask that from her but yet, he forgot her feeling, her freedom. She must have been feeling the same, but rather keep it away. Nick knows she would say, "My freedom is being with you."