Friday, August 11, 2017

Customer Review:

Hi guys. assalamualaikum and gemorning 😁. 

Just now, I sent an email to for customer review eventho my booking has been cancelled. Below are the details:

Hi Agoda Team.

I am Afifah Hanani, and my booking for the hotel is on 16th August 2017 with a booking number of 206508353.

11 August 2017

I booked a hotel through Agoda on June 24. The payment has to be done using credit card, but instead I have debit card. It still can be used tho but since the payment have to be made internationally, i had to activate my international payment first.

Yesterday, i received an email saying that the payment will be cancelled and i was given 24hours to settle this issue. I called Agoda on the evening saying about my card status and asked 2 questions:

'Can i settle this matter tmrw morning (since the bank is already closed)?'

'May I know until when is your 24hours?'

For Q1, they said I can settle it tmrw morning. For Q2, they said it's until 10pm the next day (it means on 11th August).

On 03:00 this morning, I received an email saying that my booking is cancelled since they didn't heard anything about this matter. Oh wait. Then who was calling you last night?

So this morning, I direct boking with the hotel itself with the same charges. I'm sorry Agoda, but your 24hours turns out to be 12hours.


I noticed there were a lot of good reviews on, so here is one of the small flaws. They can still improve it. But, they deserve 3 stars from me!

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